Sunday, October 9, 2011

Angel's Walk Coming Soon...

Attention Key Club Stutends!  The Angel's Walk is coming soon.  The date is not known yet, however, you can still sign up for it.  To do so, go to Miss Milazzo's Room 221.

We hope to see you there.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Welcome to Key Club Online!

Hello Key Club members and Becton students!!!
It is with great pleasure that we announce Key Club Online!

Did you miss a meeting? Now you don’t have to worry anymore.  You can get all the information you need from our blog.  A list of current and upcoming events will be available soon so that all members can keep track of what activities are available.  Remember: In order to get credit, you need to participate in at least three activities.

Membership forms were due last Friday, October 22.  If you haven’t done so, please bring your form and check to Ms. Milazzo in Room 221!
Many people ask me: What is Key Club?
“Key Club is an international student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership.” –

So, what kinds of activities do we participate in?
Becton’s Key Club participates in several types of activities: Holiday Party, Special Olympics, Columbus Day Festival, Clothing and Food Drives, Blood Drives, Bake Sales, Trick or Treat for UNICEF, Breast Cancer Awareness, Beach Sweeps, Angel’s Walk and many others.

What did I miss this year?
We have already done many activities during September and October.  Past Events are:
-          Columbus Day Festival: Students have offered to provide community service for 3 hours during the two days of the event.
-          Food Drive: Students have donated food over the month of September, the event was very successful.  Thanks for all the support.
-          Beach Sweep: The Beach Sweep occurred on October 23. Students helped clean the environment in Montclair.

Current Events:

Angel’s Walk: “The walk is sponsored by the Community Service Committee to raise money for assisting those in the community who are in need.” It will occur this Sunday, October 24th at 1:00 p.m.
Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelets: Support this idea.  Buy a bracelet from Ms. Milazzo in Room 220.  They are for $2.00 each.  Be fast, they are selling very quickly!
Recycling the Caps!: Water bottle caps are not recycled the same way water bottles are!  Please remove all the caps from the bottles and recycle them separately in the recycle bins in the Cafeteria.

What are you waiting for?  Join Key Club today!  Help the world become a better place.